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Trey Songz – “Anticipation II” & “#Lemmeholdatbeat2”

We mastered the 2 Trey Songz mixtapes that were released simultaneously yesterday (11-1-11) at Engine Room Audio here in the financial district. Mark Christensen's masters sound really awesome on these records. You can hear my work on tracks 1, 2, 6, … [Read more]


I mastered the new ASAP Rocky "LIVELOVEA$AP" mixtape at Engine Room Audio this weekend. Check it out.... Download "LIVELOVEA$AP" … [Read more]

Stephon LaMar – “Lamoureux”

I had the honor of recording, mixing AND mastering Stephon LaMar's new album "Lamoureux" here in New York City. We hit La Sala Studios in the East Village to record and mix most of the album. Stephon and I headed to the Financial District to master … [Read more]

Bafoodus – Self Titled

Attention! Children of the mountain! Bafoodus Self-Titled 15-Song album is being released at the official Boone Saloon CD Release Party. With over 70 minutes of music, this is easily one of the most anticipated full-length albums to come out of … [Read more]

Cloudeater “Sun & Sidearm” Available Today

Cloudeater's brand new album "Sun & Sidearm" was officially released today! I'm really excited for you guys to hear this record. I put the finishing touches on the album a couple weeks ago at Engine Room Audio. Engineer John Davis (The Bunker … [Read more]

Ohio Sky – “Curses”

Check out this video from my mastering session last week with Cleveland rockers, Ohio Sky. The band drove up to NYC to attend the mastering session with me at Engine Room Audio. We had a damn good time, too. I love hosting attended sessions with … [Read more]

Elton John & Matthew Morrison – “Rocket Man Medley”

Here's a clip of the Matthew Morrison/Elton John duet from months ago. Thank you for providing the stream. … [Read more]

Doc Aquatic – “Distance Means”

North Carolina orchestral-psychedelic-rock band Doc Aquatic came through Engine Room Audio in NYC to master their new album, "Distance Means". I mastered Doc Aquatic's debut album, "Parts", last year. Having great success with "Parts", and constantly … [Read more]


Boyfrndz by Boyfrndz Last week, I had the privilege of mastering the new BOYFRNDZ EP here in New York City at Engine Room Audio. Engineer Jason Buntz captured some really explosive sounds at his studio, Bubble Recording, in Austin, TX. Jason … [Read more]


I had the honor of working on the new Gevende album entitled "SEN BALIK DEĞİLSİN Kİ", this past winter. Must say, I almost booked a flight to Istanbul, Turkey just so I could see these guy's play live. Gevende's music is truly a work of … [Read more]