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Pool Cosby – Pool Cosby

Mastering Pool Cosby

I highly urge you guys to check out this album I mastered for Pool Cosby @PoolCosby. I’ve got a really close personal connection to this album.  A lot of my Engine Room family helped contribute to it’s creation. My brother Joe Caravalho produced the album and is the brain child of Pool Cosby. Gabe MG @Gabe_MG mixed the album. The homie Drew Tang @DruTangPGH was also featured on a few of the productions. I was excited to be asked to master the record.  All of the samples were recorded and sequenced in Brooklyn.  Strings were recorded at Engine Room Audio under the direction of Joe and Kristine Kruta.  Gabe MG mixed and I mastered the entire album at Engine Room Audio, NYC.  I had a great time working with my Engine Room colleagues and mastering Pool Cosby.  Pool Cosby will be shooting some music videos for the album soon.  Rachael Counce will be directing the first video for the song “Saturday and Sunday”.  If you dig this record, be sure to share it with your friends.

You can listen and download the entire album HERE
Mastering Pool Cosby

Album Credits:
Joe Caravalho @PoolCosby – Producer/Engineer
Drew Tang @DruTangPGH – Additional Production
Kristine Kruta @kristinekruta – String Arrangements/Cello
Sarah Haines – Viola
Maggie Gould – Violin
Benoit Holliger @benoit_holliger – Additional Engineering
Gabe MG @Gabe_MG – Mixing Engineer
Dan Millice @doctormillice – Mastering Engineer

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