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Ohio Sky – Curses

Ohio Sky has just released their first full-length LP, “Curses”



Mikey (Lead Guitar) and Vinny (Guitars/Vox) came up to Manhattan a few months ago for an attended mastering session with me at Engine Room Audio.  Turns out, we became great friends making the album.  Check out this behind-the-scenes footage from the mastering session here in NYC:


My 2012 started with a bang!  The band flew me down to Cleveland a couple weeks ago, and under the leadership of legendary studio owner Paul Hamann (The Black Keys, Grand Funk Railroad, Fleetwood Mac) and Cleveland recording/mixing engineer Jim Stewart, we recorded Ohio Sky’s second EP “This House is Old And Full of Ghosts” (Release TBD)


Suma Record Studio (Painesville, Ohio – just outside of Cleveland) is a beautiful space, and it was a real privilege to record there.  Paul actually built the console by hand with his father and brother years ago.  If the walls of Suma could talk, they’d tell (likely some pretty crazy) stories of recording The Black Key’s “Attack and Release” to Wild Cherry’s “Play that funky Music White Boy” to Grand Funk Railroad and Fleetwood Mac.  It was an honor and we had a blast, here are some photo’s from the weekend:

Paul and I recording Ohio Sky (Paul built this console by hand - the only one of it's kind)


Standing in Suma's Live Room w/ Ohio Sky


Snowed in at Suma... Life is good...


Last day in Cleveland, headed back to NYC (Ellsworth, Vinny, Dan, Mikey)


“Curses” was recorded live June 2011 at Analog Arcade Recordings (Cleveland, OH).

All Songs written and produced by OHIO SKY.

Recorded by Jim Stewart and Michael Seifert

Mixed by Jim Stewart and OHIO SKY

Mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, NYC

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