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What is Mastering?


  • Mastering is the final creative stage in the production process.

-Mastering is your last chance to craft and shape YOUR sound before it find’s YOUR audience.

  • Audio mastering balances all of your mixed songs to give your album a consistent sound from start to finish.

-Each song is recorded one at a time, and often by multiple recording and mixing engineers, sometimes at multiple studios.  Naturally, these songs will all have different peak levels, with different EQ structures, tones, and shapes.  My job is to get the most out of your mixes, using compression, EQ and gain for album consistency from track to track.

  • Mastering requires critical listening on accurate speakers inside a tuned mastering suite.

-There are many plug-ins that can make your mixes louder, and in few cases clearer, but each project must be approached differently.  I have the experience and the skills to utilize my mastering tools help you find YOUR sound.  I take your mixes to the next level, where they can compete on Radio and TV.



In 2011, digital music sales surpassed physical sales for the first time ever. Since Itunes controls 66% of the digital market, this means that most people listening to your music are hearing downloads from Itunes.

When your music is submitted to Itunes it is converted to their AAC format. This process allows Apple to reduce the amount of data while maintaining high sound quality. However, these files are not as high quality as a CD.

In February 2012 Apple released a statement concerning the Mastering for Itunes process along with software to make the mastering process less time consuming. Before this development, all masters had to be manually converted into Apple’s AAC format. The 2 files would then be compared and the original master would be adjusted to compensate for the quality loss. This process was repeated until the converted AAC file sounded as close as possible to the original master file.

Having your material mastered for Itunes is an investment in your art and your brand. The better your final product is the better its impact will be. Having a Mastered for Itunes version of your album will make your fans happy and give you a leg up come promotion time.

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Why Hire Me?

Dan Neumann LatheAs a Mastering Engineer, I do so much more than make your mixes louder and clearer….

  • My passion for MUSIC and CREATING is why artists like working with me.  I truly CARE about your song.  All true mastering engineers have the skills and tools to make your mixes sound better.  BUT, it’s not every day that you find an engineer who has mastered the tools, has the ears, AND feels as passionate about your song and album as I do.
  • I will prepare your mixes for any mode of production including printing to CD, digital downloads from the web,  and pressing to vinyl.
  • I can create ANY kind of edit or fade, which can make for a very creative album sequence.
  • In some cases, I can often fix unforeseen errors in the mix including EQ, De-Es, Dynamics and issues with the stereo image.
  • I will make your music sound amazing on all audio playback system.
  • I will enhance the flow of your album by changing the spacings between tracks.


  • I can add CD-Text including Artist, Title, and Track Names.
  • I am always willing to do as many revisions to your masters as necessary until you are entirely satisfied with your finished product.  Your album doesn’t go to manufacturing until you are fully satisfied with YOUR sound.
  • If your still not convinced, I’ll even do a sample master, FREE OF CHARGE!