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Mastering Bryant Dope x Hannibal King “New New York”



I had a great time mastering Bryant Dope‘s new record “New New York” this past Spring here at Engine Room Audio, NYC.  I was contacted by Bryant’s people a couple months ago, and when I eventually got the “green light” from Young One Records (to master his album,) I opened the mixes and was highly impressed with everything; the songs, the productions, the rhymes, the mixes, everything was on point. Major props to Sal Gallassio for providing me with awesome mixes.

Produced by Hannibal King, this album is undoubtedly a New York album, but I cant help but notice musical influences from all over the place.  The album is rich with diversity, but also really consistant.

“New New York” is a concept that speaks for itself.  It is honest, and I am so glad I got to put my mark on this album.

Bryant Dope back cover

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