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Mastering Island Twins “Spanish Blood”

Mastering Island Twins "Spanish Blood" I recently mastered Island Twins new album, "Spanish Blood".  Island Twins is a New York-based rock band with an alternative-fuzz-pop influence.  The band is made up of siblings, Meagan Brauer (Bass/Vox) and … [Read more]

Mastering Ben Rector’s “Newy Lewis And The Hues”

Mastering Ben Rector's "Newy Lewis And The Hues" - Ben Rector took a brief break from songwriting recently to fulfill another dream of becoming the world's greatest one man Huey Lewis and the News cover band.  Ben recorded and sang all of the parts … [Read more]

Mastering Benja Unlimited

You may have heard him performing on the subway platform or maybe you caught him playing a set at SOB's or Piano's in downtown Manhattan.  Benja Lyman is a performing, songwriting musician and artist living in NYC.  A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, … [Read more]

Mastering Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Album

I recently had the honor of mastering the new Jonathan Scales Fourchestra album, "Mixtape Symphony."  The album is scheduled to be released on Tuesday May 13, 2014 on Ropeadope Records. "Mixtape Symphony" will be Jonathan's fifth official release, … [Read more]

Mastering “Behind the Glass” with Sasha Dobson

I recently had the good pleasure of mastering a track for Lambkini's "Behind the Glass" series featuring Sasha Dobson, an incredibly talented singer-songwriter out of Brooklyn, NY (originally from Santa Cruz, CA.)  Sasha just released a full-length … [Read more]

Lambkini “Behind the Glass” at Engine Room Audio, NYC

Lambkini is a multi-faceted production company located here in New York City.  They specialize in creating content driven videos that connect musicians and artists with their fans.  ReverbNation recently hosted an exclusive contest with it's members … [Read more]

Mastering Chimaira “Crown Of Phantoms”

Chimaira is a rock band from Cleveland, Ohio.  I was introduced to Mark Hunter (lead singer and founder of Chimaira) through mutual friends, the band Ohio Sky (also of Cleveland, Ohio.)  I started mastering records for Ohio Sky in 2011, and I guess … [Read more]

Mastering Junior Astronomers new album “Dead Nostalgia”

Junior Astronomers are releasing a new album on July 23rd.  It's called "Dead Nostalgia".  I mastered the album months ago and have been eagerly and impatiently waiting the album's release.  The band recorded and mixed (and even wrote a few songs off … [Read more]

Mastering Bryant Dope x Hannibal King “New New York”

  I had a great time mastering Bryant Dope's new record "New New York" this past Spring here at Engine Room Audio, NYC.  I was contacted by Bryant's people a couple months ago, and when I eventually got the "green light" from Young One … [Read more]

Mastering 98 Degrees’ Album “2.0” at Engine Room Audio, NYC

98 Degrees recently brought their new album, 2.0, to Engine Room Audio to master the album with Owner/Senior Mastering Engineer Mark B. Christensen.  I was fortunate for the opportunity to help assist Mark during the mastering process. "The band's … [Read more]